“Fashion is Art; Dare To Express Yourself.”
“Fashion is Art; Dare To Express Yourself.”
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About Signed e.

We’re a women’s ready to wear brand providing opulent quality items.
We incorporate staple pieces, essential basics and luxurious garments for women. We create one of a kind designs that you won’t find anywhere else.
We use sustainable fabrics, materials and resources to create our pieces that will ensure longevity of any garment.
Enjoy our unique shopping experience online or in person through our country-wide pop up shop tour-coming to a city near you.
“Fashion is Art; Dare to Express Yourself.”
I truly believe that no matter what you wear-a baggy t-shirt or a ball gown; “Fashion is Art” and you are “Expressing Yourself” through the time, season, mood that you’re in. Before we even speak for ourselves; our personalities, our persona speak for us through our style. Fashion is an expressive art form and we, are the canvas. 
My name is Erica and I am the owner and designer of Signed e. I’ve always had a love and an infinity for fashion. My earliest memories of anything fashion related were helping my aunt fabric source for outfits she’d make for her daughter or herself. She would take me with her to Jo-Ann’s(an arts and crafts store) to buy materials. We’d go home and I’d help her cut out the patterns and she’d sew them together. I’d watch as the fabric we purchased hours prior turned into her daughters dress from the school dance or an outfit for the weekend bbq. I learned so much about fashion from an early age. However my pursuits in fashion were halted, dramatically. Growing up my family and I lived paycheck to paycheck barely having money for anything besides bills, food and other household necessities. In the off chance that my mom or dad worked overtime and they’re was money left for us to spend, it wasn’t going to be spent on me, getting fabric to cut up and practice learning how to sew. Not knowing it at the time, I began to build the foundation of my business I have now. You see, I couldn’t get the fabric or the materials I needed to create like my aunt but I did have paper and colored pencils. I started sketching designs I wanted to create. Original pieces I didn't seeing on the runway or in magazines. I began writing down all the things I wanted to do once I was old enough. Back them my only thought was MONEY! I needed the money to buy the fabric to make the designs I sketched and BOOM; I’ll make it as a fashion designer. Little did I know, that’s NOT entirely how it works. You do need money but you also need a business plan, do you want to be an LLC or an S-Corp, marketing strategies, a team and let’s not get started on paying TAXES(why isn’t taxes taught in middle school or high school, just a thought). I’d begin to learn all that as I went through high school and some of college. That’s right, I’m a college dropout-I never finished.  *Sidebar* School simply isn’t my thing, and I’m okay with that. *End of Sidebar* I took what I learned and applied it to building the fundamentals of what I want Signed e. to be.  With what I learned in school, I added that to the real world experience I have received along the way from working with several celebrity fashion stylists. Through the years I started to solidify my plans for Signed e. and finally decided to take the leap of faith and start creating my brand. First, I went about legally owning my business; ladies and gents, OWN your stuff. Make sure it’s yours, so no one can ever try and take it from you. I learned that valuable lesson long before I even owned my brand name. Then I started with what I had and where I was. Signed e. launched March 1st 2018 as an online consignment jewelry and clothing store. Within a months time I was able to transition from consignment to full fledge online retailer. Signed e. currently is part wholesale and part retail. I created Signed e. Originals, which are the designs I’ve sketched out and manufactured. We currently do have wholesale items from vendors across the globe. In the coming months Signed e. will be transitioning out all vendor products and will only produce original designs. One of our core values are to create opulent quality garments. From fabric sourcing to the manufacturing of each design-we want to maintain that our items are produced with integrity. Only working with ethically sourced materials and manufacturing companies that treat their workers with dignity and respect. We are unable to enforce these values and standards via wholesale vendors. We will NOT compromise when it comes to our core values. Our clients and customers TRUST us to deliver on our word and we do. With each and every design. In the beginning Signed e. was about me being able to have the freedom and liberty of running my own business, making my own rules and making money. Now, Signed e. is about YOU, every client and customer. The ability to create something that meets your needs and impacts your life-That’s my WHY. Why I invest in sustainable fabrics, carefully chose specific textures, work diligently with each and every client and customer to ensure your voices are heard and your needs are always met. Signed e. is about YOU. We want everyone who wears our garments and receives a service from us to feel and know we care. From wardrobe styling to fashion design; every detail matters to us. 
I wouldn't put my name on the line for just anything. Everything that is designed, produced, services provided, I sign off on.
"Fashion is Art; Dare to Express yourself."
Signed e.